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My Special Friend


Have you ever had a special friend? How does he or she become your special friend?  Moreover, there is two close meaning of special friend neither of best friend. What is a best friend actually? And what is a special friend? Can you understand the differences between the best friend and special friend? On the other hand we can merely say that special friend is something more powerful than best friend. It can be someone who know you more and he or she even like the part of your family.

My special friend is the best friend from my entire best friend ever. Well, after you read the italic sentence above, now I pretty sure that you are a little bit understood about the differences between the special friend and the best friend. In addition, after you read the whole story, I think you will able to understand clearly what a special friend itself is. I had a special friend who I met after I graduate from a senior high school. Actually, we knew each other when I was in a senior high school. But, he passed one year earlier than me at that time. So, I lost him for a while when he continue his study to the university. It has been for a long time I never known about him anymore. I lost his phone number and I could not make such a communication with him after that time. Moreover, I also changed my cell phone number because I lost my phone. So, we were really never met again after he graduated from a senior high school.

Unconsciously, time has passed quickly and I also graduated from a senior high school. Furthermore, I enter the same university with him, but I could not find him easily. Accidentally, I met with him at the park in college after we never met each other for a long time.

I was surprised because of his changing. He has changed a lot since the time I met with him in a senior high school. He used to wear something funky and just like the other guy who wants to be well dressed by wearing some funky clothes like a teenage or modern man. He spoke with me politely and looked like he was in a rush because he sometimes took a look at his watch. On the other hand, I could see he has grown up to be a real gentleman after for long time we never met each other. His hair was look really neat, and of course it has already different since I used to meet him at school. In fact, he has already changed to be a better man as we accidentally met in the park.

When we talked about our hobby, he told me about some of his activities while he was in college. He still like dong some kind of sport, he likes badminton, karate, volley ball, and especially football or futsal soccer. Well, although he has changed a lot in his physical, actually he is still the same person that I met completely in a senior high school. He is a crazy guy who really likes to fool around and he is the same person who had some jokes around. Although he has become a real business man and always goes on trip by a car, his attitude toward me is still the same. For me, it was good that he is still the same person hitherto. When I did something wrong, he gives me some particulars advisement as such a real part of my family. Furthermore, he is a good master in some kinds of business who focus on the thing that takes some advantages persistently. He has a car rental which he has been built with some of his friends and he also run some guidance in Boyolali and Solo. The most impressive thing here is that he is not using all of his money to build his business. He told me that there were some trick to build a business. “Some of impossible things can be happened here” he said.  “You don’t need to use all of your money especially in a big scale of money” he said. He gave me the clear explanation by compare it with magic. He said that magic are good, they have already tricked the audience when they saw it. But, the commonly thing that magic has was that they have some tricks to do that. Same like business, if we knew what has already the entrepreneur do?” They use some tricks to run their business” he said. Well, I learned so many things related about business with him. He is such like an advance person who always interest with something treasure and look forward ahead. On the other hand, he always helps me when faced a trouble. I feel that it would be easy to solve the problem with him. In fact, he is different with my other close friend that I have. Furthermore, he is also my cousin.


Even that my cousin is can be the best friend from my entire best friend ever.



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