The Short Happy Life of Conat is a short story about a person named Conat who has such a beautiful life, inspiring life, and also proper to in a case of life.

Conat is twenty years old, he is an Indonesian, and he works as a messenger in the government civil in Jakarta, wages 325 rupiah a month. Conat life in poverty and he had worked night and day for three years, his legs bulgs with muscles. His eyes has always red and hollow from lack of sleep. Beside Conan is the main character, there are another character; Tinah, she is a Conat’s wife. She is loyal to her husband although they life in destitution. An employee of the blood bank who donated his blood for Conat, he is a kind person, and he has a full heart sincere desire to help others. The doctor in the hospital and the last is Major Dignity that has a power than the other.

            The story tells more about Conan. And began when there was a mass rally to struggle for West New Guinea. And Conan joined it although the weather was so really hot. He did it because of his great spirit of nationalism. He trusted his nation’s leader and believed that whatever they said whether was it true or not. In the evening, when he was driving his trishaw and he had just in sum 15 rupiahs, he decided to go home because he felt unwell condition and his headache had returned. In the way home, suddenly a car cut in front of him and hit him and his trishaw. He was bleeding and people were getting around him and took him to the hospital. Conat lost much blood. No one between his wife and his friends has the same type of blood with Conat. When there was a donor who had the same blood type with Conat and he wanted to donate it to Conat, the doctor gave it to the Major Dignitary who was involved in an accident about the same as Conat. Finally Conat died without ever regaining consciousness.


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