an Ideal Husband Script

An Ideal Husband

Oscar Wilde


Yonatha – 112006

Antonius A.K – 112008018

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Muchamad – 112008

Once upon a time, there was a story about someone who had been considered as an ideal husband. Well, it was about an ideal husband. An Ideal Husband is about a group of rich people in London during the 1890s. Sir Robert Chiltern, is the ‘ideal husband’ who works in the government’s foreign office and has a happy marriage. The title of this film initially appears to refer to Sir Robert Chiltern (…………), who is a respected Member of Parliament. He is such a popular person who also has a bright future. He is married to the equally respected and upright Lady Gertrud Chiltern (………….). Sir Chiltern is put in a bind when the conniving Mrs. Laura Cheveley (………….) appears on the scene. She has uncovered evidence of a past indiscretion by Chiltern, and threatens to expose it if he does not support a dubious piece of legislation in which she has a vested interested.

The common link to these three characters is the primary character, Lord Arthur Goring (…………..). He is a close friend of both the Chilterns, and was once engaged to Mrs. Cheveley, and because of the entangled relationships, he is drawn in to the blackmail scheme. Added to all this is Sir Chiltern’s sister, Mabel (…………….), who has been turning down a regular series of marriage proposals because she desires Lord Goring. Goring is by far the most entertaining character. He is an avowed bachelor, much to the consternation of his father, the stuffy Earl of Caversham (…………..). Goring epitomizes the self-absorbed bachelor, taking nothing besides himself seriously. He is utterly vain and dismissive of those things he does not care for.

In Act 1


MRS CHEVELEY        : How do you do?


GERTRUDE                  : I think we have already met before.


MRS CHEVELEY       : Of course! Gertrude. And to think you married Sir Robert Chiltern. Do you know, I was so hoping to meet your                                                       clever husband?


GERTRUDE                 : Really?


MRS CHEVELEY       : Yes. But I have to return to Vienna on Friday.


GERTRUDE                  : Oh, dear. What a shame.


MRS CHEVELEY      : What can I say? I’d be delighted.


GERTRUDE                  : Well, we’ll see you tonight.


MRS CHEVELEY        : It would be my pleasure Gertrude, See you tonight.


GERTRUDE                  : OK.!!!


When the party has already begun, there were so many people in lady children’s house. They were talking each other and looked like the ordinary lifestyle around in rich people. They were talking more about prestige, authority, and pride. Furthermore, lady Chiltren met with Mrs Cheveley

And began to chat each other.


Mrs Cheveley        : How was your sleep Gertrude?

Lady Chiltren        : ouh (sigh) is that you Mrs cheveley?

Mrs Cheveley        :  of course I am. This is me.  Any way, you have very nice party Gertrude. I like the situation here. It seems like Im                                               home.

Lady Chiltren       : Not at all, this just an ordinary one.  But, thank you any way.

Mrs Cheveley       : So, where is your husband Gertrude? He must have been around here, mustn’t it?

Lady Chiltren       : He is in the upstairs Mrs Cheveley, what is up?  Is there something wrong Mrs Cheveley?

Mrs Cheveley       : Not at all, I just wanna discuss about some of business with your husband. Moreover, I admire your husband too.

Lady Chiltren       : (with a strange face he looks Mrs Cheveley curiously and seems like she wanna really know what Mrs Cheveley                                                       intends) Just wait here, he will be come soon I guess.

Mrs Cheveley       : Thank you Gertrud.

When the situation began uncomfortable, Sir Robert comes closely between both of them suddenly.

Sirt Robert            : Oh honey.  Is there everything okay? You look so different this time. What had happened? Who is she, honey?

When Lady Chiltren wants to answered the question from her husband, suddenly Mrs Cheveley introduces herself by attempt to persuade Sir Robert.

Mrs Cheveley       : Nice to see you Sir Robert, It is my pleasure to meet you here. I have something to tell you. Something important and                                      good to be respond I think.

Sir Robert              : Okay Mrs Cheveley, it would be my pleasure to any way. Let’s find something comfortable here and start to talk about                                      it.

Mrs Cheveley told that she has been out of England. And also she has a secret letter about Sir Robert and she wants him to get the government to agree to a building plan for Argentina, which will make her rich. Sir Robert tells his wife, Lady Chiltern. She asks him not to do what Mrs Cheveley wants. Mrs Cheveley then tells Lady Chiltern that Sir Robert once sold a government secret to a businessman for money. This information is revealed in Mrs Cheveley’s ‘letter’. In fact, Mrs Cheveley is using the letter to blackmail Sir Robert.

In Act 2

Goring suggests to Sir Robert that to stop Mrs Cheveley making trouble for Sir Robert, he needs to find out something bad about her. In Act 3 it is Lord Goring who is able to get the letter back, by proving to Mrs Cheveley that he knows she is a thief. Lady Chiltern is very upset because she can no longer think of her husband as honest.

Goring               : hello brother, do you mind if I tell something important to you?i heard about the problem that you face.

Sir Robert        : (look surprisedly) is there any solution brotte? What should I do?

Goring               : Give back your war to that woman. In fact, she makes a trouble and it can break your peace life.

Sir Robert        : well, I know. But I could not do anything now. I am dying. It feels like something shoots my mind.

Goring               : Don’t worry about it, actually I have something good news to face this problem. As I know that she was a bad woman. He                              used to steal something mines. So, it can be the prove to give back your war. Take the letter that she has.

Sir Robert        : Oke browwwwww…….. Thank you so much… I love you pulllll….

Goring               : ouuuhhhh,,,, don’t say like that… it makes me strange..

Sir Robert        : oke oke brow… sorry, I am too happy hearing your news. Now, I don’t need to always follow her instruction and treat as                                the whole time. It makes me doing some messy thing.

Goring             : yeahhhhh,, just being relaxed since now.  There is no need to do such unwise thing.   Moreover, it even could be made the situations getting worst.

Sir Robert        : oke brothe… thank you very much for your kindness. I don’t know what I should do to express thanks to you.

Goring               : Not at all. This just a piece of a cake for me.. hehehehehe.

Sir REobert     : No brother, it can’t be just like this. I’ve to give something as thankfulness to you. Now I can sleep well.

Goring               : well, if you insist me like this. Actually I like your sister. Hehe. Would you mind if I close with her?

Sir Robert        : whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Goring                : what?

Sir Robert         : whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Is it true? Oke. That would be my pleasure.


On the other hand, when Mrs Cheveley wanted to tell Lady Chiltreen about the uncover secret which Sirt Robert have done with him pass by showing uncover letter. The letter has already been taken by Lord Goring and Lord Goring also treat to Mrs Cheveley that he will report her to the police if she insists to make the situations here getting worst. Furthermore, Mrs Cheveley accepted that and she left the town pathetically.

In Act 3

Lady Chiltern learns that Sir Robert’s secret is safe, but that Mrs Cheveley has sent her (Lady Chiltern’s) letter to Goring. Sir Robert thinks the letter was written to him, and so it doesn’t make him angry, as he thinks it shows that his wife loves him again. He doesn’t want to upset her again, so when Lord Caversham tells him that the prime minister wants to give him a more important government job, he says he cannot take it.  Lord Goring tells Lady Chiltern that she should let her husband take the job. It is important to him. Lady Chiltern understands this. She has changed and is able to forgive her husband. In the last scene Mabel and Goring prepare to get married and Sir Robert and Lady Chiltern’s marriage is safe.

Lord Caversham: “ I still don’t realize that my son is stubborn, and he never care with his father…haaahh…what a bad boy…but I love him, of course I love him..he is my son, there is no reason I don’t love him…(silent for awhile) forget it…

Then, Lord Goring enter in Lord Caversham’s room.

Lord Goring           : ”Hi dad”

Lord Caversham  : “oh…hi.”where have you been?”

Lord Goring            :”I’m just go outside and make myself confident with smoking.

Lord Caversham   : “kid..come here get closer, I need to talk to you..

Lord Goring            : “what is that dad?” (come to the Lord Caversham)

Lord Caversham   : “Son, you have to find a good girl?”

Lord Goring            : “what’s for dad?”

Lord Caversham    : “you need somebody to accompany you for along time. You need a wife son.”

Lord Goring            : “Dad!! I’m tired you keep advising me about that.” I have found that.

Lord Caversham   : “What!!”

Lord Goring            : “Yes dad.”

Lord Caversham   : “Who is she?”

Lord Goring            :”Mabel Chiltern, she is Sir Robert’s sister.”

Lord Caversham   :”why you didn’t tell me before?”

Lord Goring            : “enough dad, you always try to find my guilty. Now, I’ve fulfilled your wish, you don’t need to make it long.

Lord Caversham   : “Ok son, I will…I’m just a little bit shock. Now let’s make your party and I will invite our honor guest.

Lord Goring            : “whatever dad.”

Meanwhile, after the situation getting well, on the other hand Lady Chiltreen has already comeback to his peaceful life with her husband. And furthermore, Maby chiltreen and Lord Goring began their marriage and life happily what a good story it is….. greaaaaaaaaaaaaaat…….


The End


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